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Siding Contractor

Siding Contractor

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Siding Contractor

has been Installing Siding, Windows, and Doors
for over 15 years. We have a reputation of being known for details.

Siding is very detail oriented and
does more than just give your home a new appearance.
It also helps with insulating factors.

Siding can be hung with or without insulation.
Insulation can be added to the exterior of your home.
Exterior insulation sometimes called Fan-Fold, Blue board,
or Pink Board. Fan-Fold can be purchased in in several R Values.

Extra insulation will lower your energy costs.
The  energy savings over a 5 year period will be
enough to pay for the siding itself.  Energy saving and beauty all in one.

Insulation slows the transfer of heat. If its cold outside,
Insulation will hold the heat in longer.
If its hot outside, the insulation will hold the heat out longer.

Another huge loss of energy is through
Doors & Windows. Replacing broken or defective Windows & Doors
will also decrease energy costs in your home.

This insulation energy theory works the same with
Siding, Doors, & Windows as well.
Doors themselves are insulated better and have better seals than older doors.
Insulated doors with new seals that drastically slows the transfer of heat.

We are
your Best choice for a
Siding Contractor.

Windows work on the same principals.
New Windows come in all shapes and sizes.
Single Hung Windows , Double Hung Windows , & Slider Windows.
The glass itself can be purchased as
Single Pane Windows , Double Pane Windows , or Triple Pane Windows.

The glass itself can be coated with “Low -E” coating.
The inner layers of glass can be filled with Argon gas.
These two options can decrease the transfer of heat.

The term “Low-E”  refers to low emissivity.
Emissivity - a surface that emits radiant heat.
All surfaces reflect, absorb, and transmit heat.
-E applies to the glass being used.
Low-E coating reduces the amount of that heat transfer.

Argon Gas which is colorless and odorless is a molecule found in our own atmosphere.
Argon gas is more dense than the air thus proving to be a better insulating factor.

Total Home Improvement
Siding Contractor,
Window Contractors, & Door Contractors.


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