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Midwest Ohio Roof Repair

Midwest Ohio Roof Repair

Midwest Ohio
Roofing Replacement and Repair
Sidney 45365


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 Midwest Ohio Roof Repair

The Roofing System on a home is
undoubtedly the most important part of the structure.
The Roof is the first line of defense against the elements.

Roof Replacements can be very expensive.
All too often roof leaks come out of nowhere and we are here to help.
We are your Midwest Ohio Roofing Repair Specialist.

We Repair Roofs of all styles, Asphalt Roof Repair,
Metal Roof Repair, Shingle Roof Repairs, Steel Roof Repairs,
Asphalt Shingle Roof Repairs, Rubber Roof Repairs,
Rubber Roof Repairs, EPDM Roof Repairs,
and TPO Roof Repairs.

Water Spots on the ceiling are are good sign of Roof Leakage.
These Roofing Leaks usually tend to leave brown rings on the drwall.
These leaks are sometimes a one time thing.
Continuing Roof leaks or Multiple Roof leaks are indications
of Roof Failure.

 Roofs with multiple leaks, most likely are in need of
Immediate Roof Repairs, Emergency Roof Repairs or a New Roof.

Midwest Ohio Roof Repair

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Asphalt shingles installed 20 to 25 years
are now coming to the end of their lifespan.
Over time singles lose granules and start to become thinner.
Some of this is due to average wear and tear,
and others from severe weather conditions.

High winds cause shingles to lift and then tear off the roof.
Large Hail  causes bruising which cracks the backside of the shingles,
thus allowing rain water to pass through the shingle and into the house.

Improper Shingle installation or cheap underlayment
is another reason for premature roof failure, causing Roof Leaks.
A lack of Attic ventilation can cause sheeting to buckle, Shingles to curl, and nails to pop.

Some shingles break down prematurely due to Blue Green Algae,
which are air born spores that land on your roof.
Blue Green Algae needs organic material like Asphalt shingles for food,
sunlight, and rain water to survive.

The Blue Green algae eats into the Shingle,
pushing granules off the shingle and into the gutters.
This is very noticeable from the ground, showing as Black Streaks on your Roof .
You will find tons of granules in the Gutters and Down Spouts.

Chimneys need to be Flashed and Counter Flashed,
and are the cause of many Leaking Roofs.
Improperly installed End-wall flashing, Valley Flashing,
and Sidewall Flashing (step flashing) are also  known to be high leak areas.

We pay very close attentions the these critical parts of the roof insuring each roof is leak free.
Including a FIVE YEAR (5yr) Roofing Craftsmanship Warranty on Roofing Replacements for our customers.
Manufactures warranties range for 25 year limited to
limited lifetime with additional 15-20 year Non-Prorated Warranties.

Keeping the house dry is the number one priority.
Installing quality house shingles to fight against
High winds, Heavy rain, snow, sleet, and extreme temperatures.
These harsh conditions take its toll on a Roof.
We are your Best Midwest Ohio Roof Repair Specialist.

Ask about our 15 year Non-Prorated Warranty,
Plus our 5 year Craftmanship Warranty

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 Total Home Improvement is
the First Choice for all of your Roof & Remodeling Needs.

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