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Ohio Roofing Contractor

Ohio Roofing Contractor

Midwest Ohio
Roof Replacement and Repair
Sidney 45365


Total Home Improvement
P.O. Box 4595

Sidney, Ohio 45365
(937) 489-8558

 Roofing Supplies vary widely in variety of Products & Manufacturers.
We a Local Company that can  help you with Many Alternative Styles of Roofing.
We Install Asphalt Shingles,  Architectural Shingles, Metal Roofs,
Steel Roofs
& Designer Asphalt Shingles.

Roofing Construction  doesn’t stop with Asphalt Roofing.
Metal Roofing & Steel Roofing is another
Preferred option with many shapes, styles and colors.
For Flat Roofs, Rubber Roofing or
Rolled Roofing may be the option you are looking for.

 Re-Roofing is easier on your budget by doing an
Over-Lay or Roofing Lay Over on top of your Existing Roof.
We are a Local Roofer and we will be your Roofing Calculator.
Giving you  Best Quality with Premier Roofing.

A Shingle Tear Off, or A Complete Roof Tear-Off
may be needed when you have reached the maximum of  2 layers on a roof.
New Sheeting or Roof Decking is sometimes necessary.

Remove Old Roofing with Wooden Shake Shingles, Slate Roofing,
that are buried under other layers of Shingles or there has been
Wind Damage , Water Damage,  or Storm Damage.

Roofing Maintenance & Roof Ventilation is very important.
Roof  System is one of the main parts of a home that Protects us from the elements.
Roof Leak Barriers & Deck Protection help prevent
Leaking Roofing Repairs that can be Inexpensive
if they are addressed promptly.

Roof Replacement including Roofing Contractor Services to
Replace – Decking, Underlayment, Drip Edge, Sheeting,
Trusses, Joists, Rafters, Insulation, Ceilings, & Drywall
. Chimney Flashing,
Valleys, & End Walls are Known for their high probability Leak areas.

Cheap Roofing is not always the Best Roofing.
We Now have Roofing Financing Available.
Affordable Prices with Quality & Trusted Roofing Professionals.

Fully Insured Ohio Roofing Contractor,
Residential Roofing Specialist
for all of your Contracting,
Installation, & Roofing

Call NOW!
For your FREE
Roofing  Estimate
(937) 489-8558

Located in beautiful downtown Sidney, Ohio 45365

Total Home Improvement
Local Roofing Contractor.

Located in Sidney, Ohio 45365

Best Roofing Contractor for
Midwest Ohio Roofing

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