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Vandalia Ohio 45377

 Vandalia Ohio 45377

Total Home Improvement
840 Port Jefferson Rd
Sidney Ohio 45365
 (937) 489-8558


Serving Vandalia Ohio 45377 since 2001

We have been in business providing Services for over 15 years.

Our Highest priority is Customer Satisfaction. 

If you are looking for
Experienced Professionals then look no more.

Total Home Improvement / THI-Sidney
is your trusted choice for
Construction & Remodeling in your home or office.

Making Your Visions A Reality is our number one goal.
Quality Craftsmanship and our First rate service is second to none.
Treating every project as if it were our own.

We are a fully, Bonded, & Insured

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling in Vandalia, 

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Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations in Vandalia,

Roof Contractors in Vandalia,

Gutter Installations in Vandalia

Vandalia Gutter Installations

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Home Improvement Services Vandalia,


Vandalia Ohio Roofing, 

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Vandalia Ohio Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling 

Vandalia Ohio Roof Contractor, 

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Vandalia Ohio Roofers

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Roofing Contractor

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Roof Contractor,

Metal Roof Contractors,

 Steel Roof Contractors,

Ohio Roofers

Ohio Roof Installers,

Ohio Roofing,

Roofing Installations,

Garages, Porches, & Additions,

Siding, Windows, & Doors,

Painting & Power Washing,

Deck & Fence Builder / Installations,

Drywall Hanging, Finishing & Repairs,

Flooring Installations

Concrete Sidewalks, Driveways & Patios

Soffit, Facia, Gutters, Down Spouts

Vandalia Ohio 45377

Total Home Improvement
Sidney Ohio 45365
(937) 489-8558


Contractor Vandalia Ohio 45377


We have been providing professional services for over 15 years.

We are Bonded & Insured in Vandalia Ohio 45377

Home Improvement Services include:
Roofing, Kitchens, Bathrooms,
Siding, Windows, Doors,
Decks, Fences, Flooring, Drywall,
Painting Services
, Power Washing,
Garages, Porches, Additions
Home Repairs, & Installations.


Serving: Sidney OH, Anna OH , Piqua OH 45356 ,
Troy OH , Tipp City OH , Vandalia OH ,
Botkins OH , Van Wert OH, Wapakoneta OH ,
Bradford OH , Covington OH ,
Greenville OH & Lima OH.

We Offer Remodeling, Construction, Roofing,
Builders, Home Improvements, Contractors Services,
Home Repairs, & Installations

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