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Sidney Ohio 45365
(937) 489-8558


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The Roofing System on a home is undoubtedly the most important part of the structure.
Roofing shingles or Asphalt Shingles also known as the
Roofing Construction and it is your first line of defense against the elements.

Keeping the house dry is the number one priority.
Installing quality house shingles to fight against
High winds, Heavy rain, snow, sleet, and extreme temperatures.
These harsh conditions take its toll on an Asphalt Roof.
We are your Premier Roof Specialist.

Maintenance is very important and needs to be done on a consistent basis.
Making sure any exposed nails are covered with sealant.
All rubber boots around plumb vents and electrical mast boots are sealed,
water tight and free from cracks.
Chimney Flashing and Chimney Counter Flashing
is installed correctly and in proper working order.

Box vents or louvered vents also known as slant back vents.
Making sure they are not dented or crushed,
free from leaves or birds nests,
and sealed around the base with Sealant
by experienced Roofing Contractors.

Many Local Roofers have not been properly trained for Roofing Installation.
A New Roof is very expensive.
Hiring a Roofing Professional is very important.

Many Manufacturers offer a Warranty.
If it is installed properly by the manufactures guidelines.
The best way to insure proper Installation is by using a Professional Roofing Company,
If the Roof is not installed correctly the Shingle Warranty can possibly be void.

Preventative Services can prolong and even prevent
costly Roof Repairs and Replacement
Total Home Improvement is the preferred Roofing Contractor.

Ask about our 15 year Non-Prorated Warranty,
Plus our 5 year Craftmanship Warranty

Local Roofing Company

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 Total Home Improvement is
the First Choice for all of your Roof & Remodeling Needs.

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Total Home Improvement,
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