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Professional Painters

Professional Painters

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Professional Painters


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  Sidney, Piqua, Troy, Tipp City,

Vandalia, Bradford, Covington, Anna,

Botkins, St. Paris, Conover, Van Wert,

New Bremen, Ft. Loramie,

New Knoxville, Bellefontaine, Lakeview,

Russells Point, Jackson Center,

St Marys & Wapakoneta – Ohio.



Finding Professional Painters can be a task.
Good Painting Companies are hard to find.
Look no further, we are your first chioce.
Total Home Improvement specializes in
Residential & Commercial Painting, and
Pressure Washing & Painting can be a huge task.
Our team of Painters can get your project done.

Interior or Exterior Painting of your home and office painting
will give your property curb appeal. There are lots of different paints.
Gloss types such as High Gloss,  Semi-Gloss, Satin,  Eggshell, Flat or Matte.
Each paint type is for different kinds of surfaces.
Some paints are easier to wipe clean.
We can assist you in picking the best choice for your home, or office.

Paint Colors, Painting Ideas, Paint Designs, Paint Styles,
Paint Costs, & Paint Prices
very dramatically.
As Expert Painters, we are here to assist you every step of Paint Process.

Faux Painting

There are few differences between interior and exterior paint.
Exterior Paint is designed to hold up to
ultraviolet rays and harsh conditions.
Exterior Paint is generally coats thicker.
Interior paint is more decorative than an exterior latex paint.
Interior paint is designed for inside.
Interior paint must resist more abrasion.
Interior and exterior paint both have different chemical compounds.

Our Professional Painters also Pressure Wash.
Professional Pressure washing
  or Professional Power Washing
can give your driveway, sidewalks, decking, porches,
house, or business
a new, clean look.
You will be amazed about how different everything will look.
Let our Local Paint Professionals, handle your
Painting, Staining, Clear Coat & Sealing Needs.

Total Home Improvement
Painting Services


Bonded & Insured ,
Professional Painters

Located in Sidney, Ohio 45365


We are only a short distance away from

Piqua, Troy, Anna, Tipp City, Vandalia,

Bellafountaine, Covington, Lima,

Bradford, St Paris, Wapakoneta,

& St Marys, Ohio


Professional Painters


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